Alan Bowker, WA6DNR

SK 03/08/24

Alan J. Vicenti, N6QOG

           SK 4/16/20

And where was AA6F during the Picnic ????

​​Robert "Bob" Kieffer, WG6Q

                 SK 10/5/21 ​

Celebrating 65 years of service!

George Stevans, K6SNA

           SK 8/6/19

Net Manager:                       Bill Mercer WB6FEH

Net Manager Emeritus:     Jim Wintemute AA6F

Net Secretary:                      Ken Martzen W6WMD

Assistant Net Secretary:   Jeff Lillard  AD6RH

​Web Master:                         Myron Sheklian WA6BLB

Located on the corner of Marion and Lewis Streets.

Jack Green, KK6LK

​       SK 12/27/21

Edith L. "Salley" Nikkel, WB6FOA

   Roger Corum, WD6CNV

                SK 2/3/19

Ralph W. Matthews , NA6D

​                SK 5/14/21

 Harry L. "Bud" Odgers, WA6OVE

                     2024 Annual Picnic Held on May 4th!

William "Bill" Chu, K6CHU
              SK 5/23/24

Here are a few pictures so far. If you have other pictures to submit, please send to

​Thanks to Rich AD6X and Myron WA6BLB for these so far!

Remembering Our Silent Keys 

    Roland H. Ron


           SK 3/5/20

San Joaquin Net meets Monday-Saturday on 3918 khz, at 6 PM Pacific Time

Bob Perry, K6GDI

        SK 2/14/19

Joe Mizutani, WB6KCE

      SK 2/8/19

The threat of rain didn't deter 24 members, family and friends of the San Joaquin Net from attending the picnic this year. This annual event was held in Kingsburg at Downtown Park located under their well-known teapot water tower.  

Larry, AD6W and Mel, KI6SK hosted us in their beautiful city. Thank you, Larry, for making all of the necessary reservations and obtaining the facility use permits. Mel served as our BBQer under the watchful eye of his wife Chris. Thank you, Mel, for also donating the burgers and BBQ supplies and Larry for donating the hot dogs, paper and plastic supplies AND the multiple choices of ice cream and sorbet.

Also representing Kingsburg was special guest John Wright,  KO6CGK, former Kingsburg mayor. We are hoping to hear John on net once he gets his HF station in operation. 

There was an abundance of great salads, desserts and drinks supplied by those attending to compliment the grilled food. Most importantly, this was a great chance to build on the friendships that have been built over the years on the air. 

Thank you all for attending!

For pictures of past net picnics click on the ARCHIVE tab above

Carl Evans, K6OHI

​       SK 05/06/22


                                                                      San Joaquin Net History

The San Joaquin Net was formed

                                                        April 28, 1959 by K6EJT Bill with a group of amateur                                                                radio operators that included:
                                                        Al K6RPL, Roger K6HEZ, Alex W6BWM, Fred WA6AFW,                                                              Joe W6YQK, Jim K6ZFM, Floyd W6MJS, Verne K6EBO,                                                                John W6QRB, Sam K6OBG, Charlie K6SWW and Mike                                                                WA6OLG.
They met on 3.915 Kc every night but Sundays and holidays.
Members gave a weather report from their area.
The net increased in members, and changed the name to The San
Joaquin Net.  The net has grown to a membership of over seventy
members with QTH's throughout California.

                                                                                  The history of the San Joaquin Net was
                                            Compiled by Edith L. "Salley"  Nikkel  WB6FOA  of Pleasant Hill and copied
                                                                          by Harry L.  "Bud" Odgers WA6OVE of El Portal
                                                                                                         April, 1991