San Joaquin HF Net Bylaws

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San Joaquin HF Net Bylaws

San Joaquin HF Net Bylaws - Section 2

  Bylaws Proposal Rescinded: A Note From the Net Manager


I’m now putting on my rookie Net Manager’s cap, backwards.  As most of you are aware, I set forth a proposed net Bylaws change on May 6th.  This was posted on the SJN web site at that time to comply with the Bylaws requirement of a minimum 30 day notice of any proposed Bylaws change.

I had a few - less than 5 - on or off air comments about the most dramatic change in that proposal: that of changing from the Merit system of roll call to a more-or-less conventional alphabetical one.

I realized that a composite of Net membership opinion wasn’t necessarily represented in the small number of responses, so on May 20th, while I was NCS, I conducted a “straw poll” of the members during the roll call.  The poll was as follows - “QUESTION: Do you prefer the Merit System of roll call?  Please answer either “yes” or “no”.  If you have no preference, you don’t need to answer.”

The responses to that straw poll were as follows:  16 – YES; 1 – NO; 4 – No preference; 18 – (no response).  FYI: “yours truly” abstained from that poll.

Based on what I consider an overwhelming “yes” to the Merit System of roll call, your Net Manager has decided to withdraw the proposed Bylaws changes.

Note: there were a couple of other small changes to the Bylaws related to the number of monthly check-ins needed to maintain one’s active member status.  These changes can be addressed at a later time.  In order to avoid confusion, I decided it was better to withdraw the entire proposed Bylaws changes at this time.

73 Bill WB6FEH, SJN Net Manager